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Our goal is to provide every sailor easily-accessible web-based tools in order to maximize his/her performance on the Navy's Physical Readiness Test.

When using our web-based calculator, please keep the following usage tips in mind:

  • Start by choosing input parameters from the gold menu toward the top of the screen (cycle, altitude, age, sex, etc.). As soon as valid inputs have been detected, the calculator will provide color-coded results based on current inputs. If you have not entered any data, the maximum values for the selected age and sex will be displayed.
  • Similar maximum values will be displayed once a cardio option has been chosen (Run, Elliptical, Bike, or Swim) in the absence of function inputs.
  • After entering/updating a performance metric, simply press 'Enter' to force a re-calculation of your score.
  • We have done our best to estimate the next level of performance based on your inputs. The calculated score is greater than 99% accurate in accordance with OPNAVINST 6110.1J; however, due to rounding errors, the estimated next level of performance may be calculated 1 second or 1 calorie short. In these circumstances, use the calculated results (shown in each panel next to 'Points:') instead of the estimated results.
  • Once a valid pushup, curlup, and cardio result has been calculated, an overall score will display (as well as point value).
  • Calculated results are not official. Feedback is intended to guide you towards excellence in fitness. Please verify official results in PRIMS.
  • The calculator has been tested in Firefox (v3.5), Chrome (v15), Safari (v4), and Internet Explorer (v8). If your browser does not meet or exceed the specified version numbers, it may or may not produce accurate results, or even display as intended.

Thanks for the explanation, now take me to the calculator!!!

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